Except for the usual high school, and a few university, art classes in my youth in Utah I am a self-taught artist.

10 or 12 years ago I developed my own technique, and began painting on glass. I showed my work in local stores and galleries in both the Utah and Park City Art Festivals for many years. My photography is currently shown at Phillip’s Gallery in Salt Lake City.

Last year Michael Berry Gallery invited me to show my drip enamel paintings, and on a whim I began painting on acrylic rather than glass. I found that I could cut the most interesting shapes and then cover them in the same heavy enamel paints that I had previously used.

I immediately found myself wanting to recreate images from the past in this new medium and I recalled that for years I had taken pictures of vintage signs from around Salt Lake and Utah. I began with ‘Bill and Nada’s’ and the ‘Villa Theater’ and moved on to other local and national images, some still in use, others not, but each invoking days gone by.

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