Kaziah Hancock
She calls herself the "Goat Woman" because it was the goat milk that saved her as a child when her mother was ill. Now days she raises goats and sheep on her lovely ranch in Manti - they are her "babies."

Kaziah has been drawing, by her accounts, all of her life. She was doing remarkable pencil portraits at only fifteen years old - but when she was given into a polygamist marriage - her art was taken from her. She "escaped" nearly eighteen years later and began, again, to explore her passion for art.

Kaziah has been, for the most part, self-taught; though she studied, for a time, with Doug Jordan. Her early inspirations were Norman Rockwell and J. C. Lynedecker. She was influenced by Alvin Gittens and the Russian artist Nicoli Fetchin gave her the love of the pallete knife.

When you ask her about her art Kaziah will tell you, "To simply conform to duplicating reality, holds nothing for me - my goal is to bring mood and feeling to the canvas."

Whatever the subject matter Kaziah Hancock paints with passion.

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